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24 Hour Emergency Glass Repairs


24 Hour Emergency Glass Repairs

Our 24 Hour Emergency Glass Repairs division, will service all residential and commercial emergency glazing & framework repairs, including temporary securing of premises for security.

All 24 hour emergency glass repairs and after hour enquiries should be made by calling one of our branches:

O’Conner:   (08) 9331 1499     (24 Hours)
Mandurah: (08) 9581 6444    (24 Hours)

As we service from Perth to Mandurah, we are more available than ever to help you secure your property in any emergency.

Going through insurance? No Problem!

Your insurance company may try to get you to use their preferred glazing company, however you do have the
right to choose the glazier does your repair work!
When living as far south as Mandurah, most insurance companies will send a their preferred glazing company, whom are mostly from Perth. We know this as we deal with many different insurance companies on a daily basis.
As the client, you should have the right to support local glaziers. When requesting 24 hour emergency glass repairs, GT Glass will uphold all Australian standard regulations to suit the required
emergency services that you have requested to ensure your property is secure again.

Especially in an emergency where time is of the essence and security for your family is paramount.

We can deal direct with insurance claims to make the claim process a smoother one for you. This will reduce your out of pocket expenses while you wait for the insurance company to make payment.

For all commercial glazing, we understand downtime during the day is not an option. You need that window / fame repaired ASAP! We will be able to temporarily glaze any windows (if required) or fully reglaze the windows straight away for you, so you are able to open your doors and move forward with your busy business.

Please note: all emergency and after hours enquiries should be made by calling one of our helpful staff members :
O’Connor (08) 9331 1499 or Mandurah (08) 9581 6444 .


GT Glass O'Connor Branch:
21 Roper st
Perth WA 6163

(08) 9331 1499 (24 hour)

Fax: (08) 9314 2115

GT Glass Mandurah Branch:
57 Gordon Rd
WA 6210

(08) 9581 6444 (24 hour)

Fax: (08) 9581 6117


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